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Company uphold“The good faith、Professional、Efficiency、Win-win situation”The principle of,In the most professional financial team,Meticulous close service
  • Professional agent business、Company registration、The company changes,The tax change logout for industry and commerce

  • Operations in nanny will greatly reduce the risk of the enterprise investment,Its survival、Development、Co-prosperity of the concept comes from the modern insurance industry。

  • The trinity teaching mode,By the school for the students,As a platform for AnCai companies,Combining with unit of choose and employ persons as the goal,Is one of the early implement this pattern training institutions in China

Conditions of cooperation

1,Can independently bear civil liability of natural person or legal person enterprise。

2,Agree with AnCai management mode and channel management idea,With sincerity、The long-term cooperation,The brand strategy of sustainable development consciousness。

3,Cooperation is engaged in the professional agent transaction,It is necessary to have a permits or licenses issued by the relevant department such as valid credentials。

4,Has the strong market development、Customer development capacity,Or have a certain customer base,Or to master a lot of can promote customer resources

The cost of cooperation

0Yuan cost of cooperation。0Yuan advance payment

Cooperation benefits

After the cooperation,AnCai customer orders will be distributed to eligible businesses for service。By AnCai pay agreement with merchant service charge to the merchant。